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Satoshi Pot is a Provably Fair Bitcoin lottery game.

Purchase tickets for a chance to win Bitcoin.

Prizes are generally awarded every hour, although the round length will increase during periods of low traffic.

You are awarded tickets for the current round when you send Bitcoin to your Ticket Address. Once you sign up, your Ticket Address will forever be included in the table on the main page.

Each 0.00000001 Bitcoin sent is worth 1 Ticket. Each ticket has a .0001% chance of winning a prize. All winning tickets will equally split 95% of the pot. 5% of the pot is reserved for transaction fees on the Bitcoin Network and funding for the website development team. These values may change in the future. If you purchase enough tickets, it is possible to win the entire pot.

We require that a ticket purchase has at least 1 confirmation on the Bitcoin network before awarding tickets. If your transaction is still unconfirmed when the round ends, it will be included in the following round.

If the total number of tickets purchased in a round is less than 10,000 or if there is only one user with tickets, the round will be extended another hour.

Our game is Provably Fair - for more information regarding this, click on the Fairness tab on the main page.

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There are two main strategies:

1. "Chipping Away"

Purchase a small amount of tickets every round to occasionally win a big jackpot. This is best accomplished by setting up autopayments from your personal Bitcoin wallet.

2. "Seizing the Pot"

By purchasing a large number of tickets (roughly 10x the number of current tickets oustanding), you can hold an overwhelming majority of tickets and have a good chance to win every prize in the round. To catch the other players off-guard, consider making your big purchase towards the end of the round (~15 minutes left or so). But be careful, if your Bitcoin transaction is not confirmed by the end of the round, your tickets will be awarded for the next round instead, and you'll lose the element of surprise. To increase the chances that your transaction is confirmed quickly, you can send it with a slightly higher transaction fee.

Have another strategy that you'd like to share? Submit it to and we can post it here.



Satoshi Pot is a Provably Fair Lottery game.

You can verify the fairness of each round by downloading and running our verification script, which is linked here. Be sure to follow the instructions in the comments.

When a round ends, we use the hash of the most recent Bitcoin block to seed a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG). We then sort all the entries alphabetically by username, and run our selection algorithm using the seeded PRNG. This creates a provably random outcome so that nobody (including us) can cheat the system. To verify the winnings of a round, run our payment script linked above. The selection algorithm is included in the script.

The second step of verifying payouts is to audit our Public Key

Since our game takes place on the Bitcoin blockchain, all the ticket purchases and payouts can be verified by our transaction history. Every ticket purchase and every payout transaction will show up on the public Bitcoin blockchain

Below is a link to one third party site (, but feel free to use any blockexplorer, or even your own node to verify our payments.

Here is a link to our extended public key transaction history.

We encourage third parties to verify the fairness of our game. Do you have a link for us to share? Email and we can post it here.


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To make a new account, first enter your Bitcoin receiving address. We will send your winnings here. If you have a bitcoin wallet, click "receive payment" and it will give you an address. Or, if you're operating from an exchange, click the "deposit" option and it will give you an address.

Enter your Bitcoin receiving address here:

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To get tickets for , send any amount of Bitcoin to the following address:

We'll award you tickets for the current round as soon as your payment gets 1 confirmation in the Bitcoin network. If your payment is still pending when the round ends, your tickets will be awarded for the next round. To get your payment confirmed more quickly, send your payment with a higher transaction fee.


No Need To Log In

There is no need to log in. If you want to play, just send Bitcoin to your ticket address, which can be found in the table on the main page. There is no need for a password protected login because the worst thing that can happen is somebody buys tickets for you. Any winnings from your account will still be sent to the receiving address you originally provided. So there's no need to log in, just play!

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Satoshi Pot

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* A star means some of the ticket purchases are still pending on the Bitcoin network. We require 1 network confirmation before awarding tickets. If your transaction does not receive 1 confirmation by the end of the round, your tickets will be awarded for the next round instead. To increase the chances of your transaction getting approved quickly, send it with a higher transaction fee.